Expectant Mother in La Jolla with her son wearing a Jen's Pirate Booty Kimono

Where to buy women’s clothes for photo shoots? [Part 1 of 4]

In this post here, I talk about what to wear to a photo shoot – what works vs. what doesn’t work. So now that you have ideas about colors, fabric, and styles to select from that work beautifully for your session, where should you actually shop? I love helping families pick out wardrobe options and I’ve even gone out shopping myself to help clients find items. I generally buy things online, but in a pinch, I can find something that works from Target or Old Navy.

I’m going to share some of my favorite clothing stores over the next several blog posts. Because I have a lot of examples to show, I’ll share one store at a time in each post, but I’ll link them all together so you can easily access them all. There is a range in price points so you’ll be able to find one that suits your budget. If you have any other suggestions on where you buy your outfits, I’d love to hear about them. You can comment below to let me know and I’ll add them to my list!

Let’s start with one of my favorites – Jen’s Pirate Booty.

I love the wardrobe pieces from this online boutique. They photograph beautifully because of the texture, the cuts, and the way they fit on women. I also love the Earthy tones and colors that are available. There is usually a sale on a collection, but you can also often get a 15% discount on your first order by subscribing to emails. Check out their website and if you’re not quite sure you’re ready to invest in a new addition to your wardrobe, I have 3 items available in my client closet. I absolutely love them all. They’re perfect for all different body types, no matter your height (because the extra length on shorter women works beautifully too).

The Lapis Maxi Dress

I own the Lapis Maxi Dress in rust. It is handmade and hand-dyed by artisans in Mexico. The color and texture of the dress photographs so beautifully as does the movement of it. It will make any woman feel like a goddess. The one I own is a small/medium.

San Diego Mother at Sunset Cliffs in Jen's Pirate Booty lapis dress

San Diego Mother at Sunset Cliffs in Jen's Pirate Booty lapis dress

San Diego mother in Marian Bear Park wearing Jen's Pirate Booty lapis dress


The Mandala Mantra Kimono

The second piece I own is the Mandala Mantra Kimono in the natural/cream color. This kimono is an absolute thing of beauty. The lace is just gorgeous. You can really change up the look of it by whatever you choose to wear underneath it. Pair it with some jeans and a t-shirt, shorts and a tank, or a bathing suit. There are so many options depending on the look you want to go for.

Expectant Mother with her son in Jen's Pirate Booty kimono

San Diego woman at Windansea Beach in Jen's Pirate Booty kimono

San Diego Mother at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve in Jen's Pirate Booty kimono

The Phoebe Robe Maxi Dress

The third piece I own is the Phoebe Robe Maxi Dress in the natural/cream color. This dress is extremely versatile and fits all women as a robe. For women who wear a size small, it can also be tied together to be worn as a maxi dress. It’s also perfect for maternity sessions if you want to wear something to show off your belly. The texture and fringe are perfect additions to this piece.

Expectant Mother in Jen's Pirate Booty kimono


Thank you for checking this post out and stay tuned for Part 2! I’ll be bringing you 3 more stores where I love to shop for women’s clothing for photo sessions.

And one last thing… on an entirely separate note, help me show some love and support to another fellow photographer, Iana Chtefan who is an Aberdeen Personal Brand and Family Photographer. Although her post is about Valentine’s Day gifts, and may specifically be for businesses within the UK, it’s still a wonderful list of ideas that can be used for any special occasion. And I must say, I especially love her idea of gifting a family photo shoot. If you’re ever out visiting San Diego, I know a great family photographer who sells gift cards. 😉  Likewise, if you’re ever in the Aberdeen area in Scotland, check out Iana!

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