Individual, Maternity &
Senior Photography

An individual session gives you the opportunity to let your true self shine. We are unique souls with unique gifts, but wear many hats that cater to others, whether you’re a mother, employee, student, friend, son. Many of us rarely get opportunities to be free of all the hats we wear and just be ourselves in the moment. This session gives you that chance. Before each individual session, I will find out a little bit more of your personality so that I can draw that out in our session. If there are specific interests or activities you enjoy, this kind of session is perfect to highlight them. For many of us, it can be difficult to be uninhibited at the beginning of a solo session, but I’ll work with you throughout, so that you’ll walk away feeling relaxed, confident, and recognized.

An individual session is for high school seniors, maternity for mom-to-be only, lifestyle and corporate headshots, or a female empowerment session.


San Diego Individual, Maternity & Senior Photography

Kim Belverud

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