Mother and son silhouettes against sunset sky at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

San Diego Motherhood Sessions were a Success!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I want to give a special thank you to all of the beautiful mamas who booked their motherhood session with me this year. It was an honor for me to shoot these sessions these past two months. It meant the world to me to be able to capture these moments between you and your children because I know how valuable it is to freeze time with them. Time slips by so quickly and so I highly encourage every mama to get in the frame with their children. Think of it as a gift to their future selves. When they’re older, they’ll love having these images with you (and I speak from personal experience)!

I truly loved every motherhood session. I was able to pick many unique locations. I shot in 8 different beautiful spots around San Diego and each spot was just perfect for each of my families. I loved the warmth and the connection that each mama had with her child. I’m always looking to capture those authentic moments between them. I know how hard being a mother can be and it’s not always filled with beautiful happy moments. It can be very challenging and hard and exhausting, but my goal in these sessions is to create and set up that loving moment because when you look back at these images, I want to flood your memory with those beautiful loving moments you did have.

I had two main intentions for creating these Motherhood photo sessions. The first was to create a session specifically to capture motherhood in time for Mother’s Day, and the second was to provide a smaller session and image package that could be priced differently than my family session package. With the success I had in introducing these sessions, I have decided to keep this package available year round. The price may be adjusted a bit based on learning what worked and didn’t work this year, but the good news is that I will plan on giving a special Mother’s Day offer on these sessions next March, so stay tuned. Until then, enjoy some of my favorite moments from this year’s Mother’s Day motherhood sessions.


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