Good to meet you

Hi, I’m Kim!

Living in sunny San Diego for the last several years, I have grown an appreciation for 3 things – the weather, the light, and a good ripe avocado. With our warm and sunny weather, I’m grateful for the opportunity to shoot outdoors all year long. We get amazing light and I love how it can be used to enhance storytelling. And as a photographer, that’s what I’m drawn to do – telling your story through images that capture love, connection, and authenticity.

I love color and movement in my images, but above all else, I love when I can capture genuine emotion in them. I tell your story with the detailed personal shots and balance it with ones that speak to the location we’re in. I have a strong appreciation for nature, so I enjoy creating the perfect blend of the environment with my subjects. During my sessions, I roll with whatever happens and I embrace any chaos thrown my way. The goal for each of my sessions is to have fun and make you feel recognized and beautiful in all the ways that make you and your family unique.

Besides photography, I love to dance, take art classes, and practice calligraphy. I am obsessed with clouds and all things stationery. You can imagine my excitement over greeting cards with clouds on them. I love drinking a good chai tea and eating anything with mushrooms or potatoes. And I’m a firm believer that most things taste better if topped with avocado. But above all else, I love my family and friends. Having strong connections with them is everything to me and it’s what motivates me to get behind the lens every day.

“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.” 
– Robert Frank

Kim Belverud