Notable Nature

Landscape & Macro Photography

As much as I am drawn to capturing connections and authentic moments between people, I am drawn to nature and its captivating beauty. The only way to describe my love for both is that capturing people fills my heart, while capturing nature fills my soul. I love to travel and my favorite places to visit are state and national parks. You’ll find many of those shots here in this gallery. A little confession: I am obsessed with clouds. I have been taking photos of clouds for decades and could fill an entire album just of cloud images. I don’t live in an area that often gets clouds, but when they come, you can almost guarantee I will be outside with my camera.

All of my nature shots are available in a variety of print and display options. They are also available in individual cards and card sets. If you would like more information, please contact me. 


Landscape & Macro Photography

Kim Belverud

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