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Beautiful moments occur every day and anyone can take a picture of them. Advancements in technology have made it easier to capture those moments. However, there is a significant difference between taking a snapshot and artistically preserving a memory. Hiring a photographer is an investment in lifelong art that can be passed down and appreciated by multiple generations. My time and talent are measured beyond the equipment and tools I use. It is a form of art that captures emotions and connections. My style of photography has been described as warm, loving, and colorful, and I strive to capture authentic moments.

Each session will be individually tailored to your needs and preferences. Some families want a more traditionally posed portrait session, while others want those raw candid moments as they unfold naturally. Some want an even balance between the two. Regardless of the type of images you’re looking for, I try to make the experience of the session a positive one. I want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed, and when I can help make that happen, I have found that the joy and love translate beautifully to your images.

A family session is wonderful for any occasion whether it’s an annual holiday tradition, a celebration of an important milestone, or just because it’s time to show up in the frame instead of holding the camera.

50+ Images

A child session is for children up through the age of 16. It is for an individual child or a group of children. These sessions are great for marking special moments during childhood.

20+ images

An individual session is for high school seniors, maternity for mom-to-be only, lifestyle and corporate headshots, or a female empowerment session.

30+ images

A couple’s session is for any two people, whether it’s an engagement, a pregnancy announcement, maternity, an anniversary celebration, or any other special occasion.

40+ images

Kim Belverud

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