In-home Family Session [San Diego Family Photographer]

The location for this family’s session was supposed to be outdoors, in a beautiful open space with green rolling hills.  A picturesque scene with gorgeous golden hour light.  And then the afternoon of our session arrived, and it was cold and rainy.  The mother of the family has impeccable taste and amazing skills in interior design, so luckily their beautiful home ended up being the perfect backdrop for our session.  It was my first in-home session and I’m hoping it’s just the first of many to come.  Shooting in someone’s home led to a much more intimate session and it helped me create and capture more authentic connections.

I think about my home and whether I’d let a photographer in to capture our family. Most days, it feels impossible to keep it tidy and clean.  So much of my time is spent just putting things back where they belong.  It’s an endless battle to do just that part of it, let alone clean on top of that!  I don’t think I would feel comfortable for all of that mess to be permanently captured.  But then the photographer part of me is all about capturing authenticity, so I acknowledge this is real life.  I want to embrace that part because it’s not always going to be like this, and I have a feeling, we, as mothers, will look back at this and actually miss the mess (well, to some degree at least)!  Despite the disarray and mess, your home represents so much of who you and your family are in that moment.  It represents your style, the things you enjoy, your tastes, your personalities.  What better location to represent your family than the home you’ve created together.  And while I know most families tend to opt for photos outside, I’d definitely suggest considering in-home photos because, mess or no mess, you’ll end up with some truly authentic moments.

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