Feminine Beauty and Strength in Mojave National Preserve

Up until this point, most of my photography sessions have been for families.  However, I had a rare opportunity to do something a little different for a dear friend. There is not one woman I know who is not critical of herself in some capacity.  We all have flaws but rather than embrace and accept them, women, in particular, tend to be very hard on themselves.  My vision for this session was to tell a story of self-love and self-acceptance.  It was about being open and free.  I know it can be a bit difficult letting go and being your true self when a camera is in your face, so the session was also about being vulnerable and having trust.  More than anything though, I wanted to create and produce images that would be empowering, ones that would show female strength and confidence.  I wanted to be intentional in my shots and how she was positioned within the desert and juxtaposed with the sun, and I also wanted to capture those raw authentic moments.

This session was a merger of two creative souls, striving to tell a story to help empower other women.  I think many of us can relate to the struggle of finding inner strength and confidence at times.  I wanted to visually show that we have so much within us and it’s just a matter of letting that shine through.  Although I will continue to focus on family photography, I hope to have more sessions like this with other women who may be in need of a little light in their lives.

After viewing these images from the desert, I would love for you to check out another amazing photographer on the East Coast in Rochester, NY.  She has some of the most gorgeous maternity images with beautiful natural light.  We are participating in a blog circle with a number of other incredible photographers.  This month, she has a wonderful post about why you should have maternity photos.  As a mother who didn’t get them done for her first pregnancy, I whole-heartedly agree they are worth getting done!

Female Empower 9Female Empower 7Female Empower 1Female Empower 3

Female Empower 6Female Empower 4Female Empower 5

And as mentioned before, don’t forget to follow along the blog circle.  There’s a group of six of us this month, and next up is the very talented Hali Tomczak, a maternity photographer in Rochester, NY.  Click on the link to get to her latest post.






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  1. These images are full of raw beauty and you achieved exactly what you described: She looks beautiful and powerful and full of life!

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