Family and Senior Portrait Session at Coronado [San Diego Family Photographer]

The cutoff date for senior photos to make the yearbook was beginning of October, so I knew this would be my last senior session for this fall season.  This beautiful senior girl and her family lives in Coronado, and given all of their history in that location, there was some sentimental value in doing the shoot there. We did a quick shoot for the whole family at the start of the session, and then proceeded with the senior shoot while her brother and parents left us be on the beach.  There was definitely value in that decision for her family to step away while we did her photos.

I highly recommend if parent(s) want to be there for their senior’s shoot, to be present but at a distance, or try to stay preoccupied with something else during the shoot.  I think the seniors tend to be a bit self-conscious and can’t truly let loose when they feel the presence of an onlooking parent.  That said, getting photos taken of just yourself can feel awkward, so I can also understand how there is comfort in knowing a close family member is near, but in my experience, if they are watching the whole process, it can be slightly distracting and inhibiting.  So parents, please feel free to join, but I give you permission to stay distracted on your phone.  Your seniors will thank you later!

Family of 4 collage
Coronado Senior Portrait at Hotel DelCoronado SeniorSenior Portrait at Coronado BeachCoronado Senior Portrait

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