A Milestone Birthday Shoot

Author and coach, Emily Silva, contacted me about doing a big milestone birthday shoot. She has worked with other talented photographers so I felt particularly honored that she requested this type of shoot with me. I knew I wanted to do something different with her shoot to honor her milestone in life. Additionally, it felt important for me to capture images that could incorporate and acknowledge the chaotic year we’re in, as she enters into this new decade.

When I first started my business and started getting clients I didn’t know, I created a questionnaire to get to know them a little bit more before I met with them. One of the things I asked was to select a few words that would describe the feelings they wanted to have during their session or when viewing their delivered images. I provided examples and allowed them to check the ones that applied. Did they want to feel excited and happy, or love and romance? My questionnaire evolved and eventually I dropped this question, but I still go into every session with a few words that describe what I want to capture for that client, based on how they responded to other questions.

For Emily’s session, the main word that came to me was “surrender.” Surrender to the chaos of this year, the pulls of everyday life, the fears and unknowns of what a new decade of life will look like. Surrender to discomfort and unpredictability. Surrender to making unexpected transitions and adjustments. When I met with her at the session, I simply told her to be vulnerable and just surrender. The results were magical.

Before I share those results, I also wanted to share that I’m taking part in another blog circle this month with 2 other wonderful photographers. This month, I’m linking to the talented Michele Quattrin who has some beautiful wardrobe options in her monthly client style board. Her link is posted below!

And as promised, I have a link to Michele’s blog post that you don’t want to miss. If you love long flowy dresses like the one Emily wore here for her birthday shoot, you’ll want to check out Michele’s pick for mom! It’s gorgeous and would be perfect for a photo shoot. Click here to check out her blog post: Minneapolis Family Photographer

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