A Message to the Mamas [San Diego Family Photographer]

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas today!  Whether you have the 2-legged or 4-legged variety, whether they’re biological, adopted, step, or foster children, or whether you’re a surrogate in the literal or figurative sense, I hope your day is as special as you are.  I have a couple of important messages to share with all of you.  1) You are beautiful as you are, and 2) Get in the frame with your kids.

I do not know a single mother who is not critical of her body in some way.  She may want to lose a little weight, maybe a lot of weight, have thinner arms, bigger boobs, smaller boobs, nicer feet.   But in the eyes of your kids, you are the most beautiful woman on Earth.  They have the power to see beyond what we see in the mirror and what they see is your inner beauty and your love.

Whether you have babies or older kids, make an effort to get in the frame with them.  And I don’t mean selfies (although, those are fun, so get them too). As a mama, I take nearly all of the photos of my kids (even before I started my business). I’m always there, but when the kids are older and look back at the photos, they’re not going to see me with them in the everyday moments. Is that the same for your family? Let’s change that by getting in the frame with them. Whether you have someone else take the photo, or you set your camera’s timer (even if it’s on your smart phone), make sure when they look back at childhood photos, you’re there too. Regardless of how you feel you look, your kids love you just as you are and those images are actually for them, so give them that gift!

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Kim Belverud